At Boutique Dig & Mig we offer clothes from fashionable brands. On this page, we have gathered a large selection of products from the Ball brand, and are you therefore missing some new and stylish clothes? Then you have come to the right place. Ball is a brand that designs both tops and bottoms for the fashion-conscious person, who at the same time goes for something comfortable to wear in everyday life. There is something for everyone, and you can therefore take a look at the large selection with great advantage. Fill the wardrobe with styles from Ball and create a relaxed and bold style.

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Comfortable clothing for the style-conscious

If you are missing some new clothes for the wardrobe, and are looking for something simple with bold and casual, then you should choose clothes from Ball. These are also top quality clothes that you can treat yourself to and that you can enjoy for a very long time. Besides being incredibly comfortable, it also has a classic and retro style, which is very much into the fashion world. The clothes can be used at home, at school, at work and anywhere else where you want to feel comfortable. It is also the perfect gift idea for someone you love. So you can pamper yourself and a very special person who also appreciates nice and stylish clothes.

A brand with experience

Ball was started back in 1974, when people started making jeans. With the great success, however, one was quickly ready to make the popular Ball sweatshirts. The founder, Hans Gerhard Svarverud passed away in 1998, and for that reason Ball closed down his company. In 2020, after more than 20 years, a comeback was made, where jeans were modernized with unique fits and designs. The old Ball sweatshirts have also undergone a new change through updating and redesign. The strong 1980s design has been revived. This results in a collection full of attitude and character, which brings the old sweatshirts back to life in a new and developed version.

Large selection of products from Ball

At Boutique Dig & Mig, there is a guarantee that you will find exactly the clothes from Ball that you are looking for. We have made sure that there is something for everyone among the large selection, which offers Ball sweatshirt, sweater, t-shirt, pants and much more. Whether you are looking for clothes for summer or winter, you can choose clothes from Ball. For example, you can put together a pair of Ball shorts and a t-shirt when the summer heat hits. When the minus degrees come, you can pull a warm and delicious sweatshirt from Ball over your head. You also have the opportunity to relax at home after a long week in a sweatsuit with matching sweater and pants from Ball. The different styles are available in several colors, such as the beautiful light and dark blue color or the completely classic black that suits everyone. So there are clothes for every need to be able to style exactly as you want, and you can with great advantage replace some of your old clothes with the retro style from Ball.

Fast delivery and service

In addition to our desire to offer clothes from fashionable brands, we at Boutique Dig & Mig also have a desire to offer our customers an efficient, reliable and easily accessible service. Our contact information can be found below. We always strive to answer all questions and other inquiries as quickly as possible and we are always honest and helpful. On the website you can read about our delivery times and prices, when you can get free shipping and to which we have the opportunity to deliver. You can e.g. also read about our rules for exchange, return and terms of trade as well as privacy and cookie policy. If you have found a product that meets your wishes and needs, all information is within reach. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.