Birgitte Herskind


Are you absolutely in love with the Nordic minimalist designer clothes from Birgitte Herskind? Then you have come to the right place. Right here on the page, we have collected a multitude of delicious styles from Birgitte Herskind, and you have plenty of opportunity to find something that matches your style. The clothes are based on the Danish roots, and the inspiration is found in Nordic minimalism and the Copenhagen street life. The result is clothes with unique prints and silhouettes that appeal to every fashion- and quality-conscious woman.

What can I expect from the clothes from Birgitte Herskind?

It is Birgitte Herskind himself who is the designer behind the many styles. The brand was started back in 2013, and today the headquarters are located in the heart of Copenhagen. The brand stands out from other traditional fashion clothes by creating styles that cross different expressions and styles. What they all have in common, however, is that they are stylish and timeless at the same time that they merge with a more raw and rustic expression. The clothes from Birgitte Herskind are therefore for those of you who like to focus on every detail and play with different cuts, styles and expressions. At, we love experimenting with different trends and styles, as it opens up opportunities to adapt the clothes to one's own personal style.


Birgitte Herskind clothes for every occasion

With a lot of Birgitte Herskind styles in your wardrobe, you have ample opportunity to put together outfits for every occasion. For example, combine a relaxed and modern everyday look with a Birgitte Herskind skirt and a nice warm sweater. However, you can also create a more raw look with a pair of Birgitte Herskind trousers and a pair of biker boots. And last but not least, you can wear any Birgitte Herskind top in combination with the chic Birgitte Herskind Nanna pants for the more festive event. In other words: the clothes from Birgitte Herskind match every occasion, and with their styles, you're guaranteed to experience fewer clothing crises in the morning!
We are proud to be a Birgitte Herskind retailer, and this is also reflected in our large selection of their clothes on this page. As I said, you'll find something for every occasion, regardless of whether it's trousers, dresses, shorts or tops you're looking for!


Large selection of clothes from Birgitte Herskind at

Here at we offer a large and not least exciting selection of styles from the recognized brand, Birgitte Herskind. The range is wide-ranging, and we can therefore almost guarantee that you will find some styles in the range that suit your taste. If you also choose to buy your Birgitte Herskind styles here from us, we will make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. Thus, you have plenty of opportunity to always have a top-tuned wardrobe, but without having to spend a fortune on clothes - and who doesn't want that? So go and discover our large selection of Birgitte Herskind clothes on this page and find all your favorites already today!


Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At we strive to deliver a service that is above the ordinary and delivery that is lightning fast. We are always ready to help you, and of course we only want you to have a good experience every time you visit our webshop. And for that very reason, do you have any questions about our large selection of clothes from Birgitte Herskind? Then don't hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 98 44 21 61, or you can write us an email at We welcome all questions with a smile and look forward to hearing from you!