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If you want a raw look, but at the same time want to have elegance and femininity, then Gestuz is what you should invest in. Gestuz has succeeded in creating a raw but elegant look since 2007 for women, and therefore want to combine exactly these two styles? So you can go exploring with great advantage on this page, where we have collected a large selection of Gestuz clothes. We absolutely love the many styles from this brand, and on this page you will therefore also find a Gestuz, t-shirt, Gestuz cardigan, Gestuz top and much, much more. What they all have in common is the high quality and smart designs – so explore them today!


Gestuz everyday and party clothes

Behind this perfect synergy between rock n' roll and the elegant are the female designers Lene Boesen and Sanne Sehested Nielsen. Together, after just two years, they have managed to get the brand out into more than 25 countries. What is particularly good about Gestuz is that the brand excels both for the delicious everyday look, but also for a festive event. In this way, it really shows that the designers behind the clothing are extremely concerned about the functionality of the clothes! The clothes can therefore be mixed and matched depending on the occasion for which they are to be used. Gestuz is therefore in many ways synonymous with the feminine, the raw look and functionality. And this applies regardless of whether it is a Gestuz knit, a Gestuz kimono, a Gestuz jacket or something else entirely.


Unleash your imagination with styles from Gestuz

With the fantastic fashion clothes from Gestuz, you have ample opportunity to find your own personal style through the delicious styles. As I said, you can express both your feminine and your raw side, or you can combine the two completely as you wish. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless with clothes from Gestuz, which is why only your imagination sets the limits to what looks you can create with these clothes. You can create outfits that are modern and elegant, simple and casual, sophisticated and seductive or raw and edgy – the choice is entirely yours. One thing is absolutely certain – you can create an extremely fashionable look regardless of whether you are going to a party or simply to work. And that is just one of many reasons why we are proud to be a Gestuz dealer.


Large selection of Gestuz clothes at

Here at we offer a large selection of clothes from the recognized brand, Gestuz. The selection ranges widely, and for that very reason we can almost guarantee that you will find the clothes you have been dreaming of right here among the selection. And this applies regardless of whether it is Gestuz trousers, Gestuz shoes or Gestuz leather trousers you dream of - we have just what you are looking for. If you also choose to buy a Gestuz shirt here with us, we will make sure that you always get a good offer along the way. Thus, you have plenty of opportunity to dress in nice Gestuz jeans or shirts, but without having to empty your entire wallet – and who doesn't want that? So go and explore our large selection of Gestuz clothes on this page and find all your favorites already today!


Fantastic service and lightning fast delivery

At we strive to deliver a service that is above the ordinary and delivery that is lightning fast. We are always ready to help you, and of course we only want you to have a good experience every time you visit our webshop. And for that very reason, do you have any questions about our large selection of Gestus clothing? Then don't hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 98 44 21 61, or you can write us an email at We welcome all questions with a smile and look forward to hearing from you!