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The shirt is gradually becoming a staple element in many people's wardrobes, but what few know is that the shirt is actually one of the oldest garments! In antiquity, the shirt was 'just' a piece of nightwear, and in the golden age it was a garment reserved for the more affluent men, since the shirt was produced by a tailor.
The shirt we know today, which also became a garment for women , has been created throughout the 20th century. First came the buttons at the front, which is one of the most well-known characteristics of a shirt today, so the firm flip, chest pocket, etc.
The classic shirt as we know it today, however, has become very sensitive to fashion trends. Every season you will find a wealth of different shirts - from the classic to the trendy with print and quirky design details.

Here you will find a large selection of shirts - find your new basic favorite or the trendy, that adds something completely unique to your look.

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