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Are you looking for sneakers, boots or a pair of other shoes from Garment Project? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at Boutique Dig & Mig, we offer a wide selection of our absolute favorites from the Danish brand. Garment Project's shoes are in super good quality, and they are also produced in Portugal, which makes it easier for the brand to keep track of production conditions. Garment Project makes beautiful sneakers, boots and other shoes in fantastic quality. At Boutique Dig & Mig you can find a wonderful selection of the brand's best shoes. Take a look among the many wonderful options below.

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Whether you are looking for sneakers, boots or other shoes from Garment Project, you can find a pair right here in the selection on our webshop. At Boutique Dig & Mig, we have gathered a selection of our favorite models from the brand, so you can find just the pair of shoes you have been looking for with us. The many choices on this page constitute a range that is wide and that includes beautiful shoes and boots from Garment Project in fantastic quality. All shoes from the brand are designed and produced with a focus on details, quality and comfort, and the brand also naturally has an eye for creating beautiful shoes with the right look. Garment Project is a Danish brand that produces its shoes in Portugal, because this means that they can better keep track of production conditions. Here at Boutique Dig & Mig, we are super proud to be able to offer you and our other customers the beautiful Garment Project sneakers, Garment Project chelsea boots and other Garment Project shoes, which together make up our beautiful selection on this page. Whether you are looking for a pair of nice boots or a pair of sneakers in fantastic quality, you have found the perfect place.

Our range of Garment Project shoes and boots

At Boutique Dig & Mig, we are proud to offer a wide range of beautiful sneakers, boots and other shoes from Garment Project. The shoes are all in a super good quality. They are comfortable to walk in, and as soon as you get a pair in your hands or on your feet, you will notice the good quality and that the shoes are all created with an eye for even the smallest details. On this page, we have gathered a selection of our favorites from the brand in order that we would like to be able to offer you the very best that the brand has to offer, right here with us. In our wide range, you can thus find sneakers, boots and other shoes, so no matter what you are looking for, there are good chances that you can find it right here at Boutique Dig & Mig. In our selection on this page, you will find both Garment Project women and Garment Project men, and we are absolutely sure that the range contains a great option for you, no matter what kind of shoe you are looking for. On this page we often have Garment Project sales, so you can find the good shoes at great prices.

About Garment Project

Garment Project is a Danish brand that creates beautiful designs for both women and men. The brand was created out of a desire to create proper casual sneakers that could be used for any purpose. The brand's founder is Kent Rau Madsen, and he worked at Nike before deciding to start his own brand. In 2013, the brand was created, and later that year, they released the first pair of sneakers. They called it Classic Lace, and it was basically a pair of completely classic and simple sneakers in leather, but they had a comfort and a level of detail that was hard to find at the time. They thus hit a hole in the market and Classic Lace became a huge success. Since then, they have expanded its catalog to include shoes, clothes and accessories for both men and women and a host of different styles. The shoes are handmade in Portugal, which enables the brand to ensure good production conditions in the factories.

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